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Things to Do in NYC: Summer

In the summertime when the weather is hot, take to the city streets to take advantage of the beautiful weather! There are infinite amounts of things to do in New York City this summer, be sure to use your Unknownextended daylight, and warm climate to explore your outdoor domain! See the list of fun and exciting things to do within the city limits this summer, do not let the nice weather slip by!

Free Boat rides are available all around town (NYC is an island at the end of the day). At the Downtown Boathouse, residents can cruise the city at three different locations on the Hudson. At the North River Lobster Company, have a seafood dinner and cruise along the river for 45 minutes until the boat docks again. You can stay on for as long as you’d like as long as you keep buying items.

Many free movies are playing city-wide this summer including Ghostbusts, The Blues Brothers, Raging Bull, Airplane, Big Hero 6, and Mallrats (Jay and Silent Bob).

More into the theater scene than the movie crowd? A few off Broadway theaters are playing great shows all the time. Many of which hire volunteer ushers to scan tickets and seat lost patrons. If you should be so inclined to become a usher, you get a free show out of it.

On August 21st, in Central Park there will be a free show from 5 Seconds to Summer and will be broadcast live on Good Morning America at 7am. Fox & Friends also joins the free concert providers with their Summer Concert Series. Scotty McCreery, KC and the Sunshine Band, and Alice Cooper will all be performing this year.

Free bikes are available for rides too if you feel like heading over to Governors Island. There Blazing Saddles rents bikes for free for an hour. The catch is, it’s only offered on weekdays between 10am and noon.

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Summer Activities In NYC

Summer is here, as indicated by the sweltering heat that seems to be inescapable within the city limits. Along with high temperatures comes much to do in the greatest city in the world. For those who live in or near NYC you should never utter the words “I am bored”, especially after reading this article! Below we have a snapshot of 101 things to do in the 5 boros this year. Enjoy.

Alphabet City Beer Co.

A homey and dark bar in the East Village has incredible beers on tap as well as in a bottle cooler for patrons to drink on site or at home. There are board games for the bar dwellers, but if you are looking for more of a view, every summer they schedule a tour on a Ventura yacht equipped with beer, food and views of NYC from the water.

The Museum of Natural History

Made even more famous than it already was, the setting of “Night at the Museum” is a portal to the past as well as the present. Home to historical figures and species, as well as giants of the sea and the african plains, this attraction will have you leaving filled with new knowledge about something, I promise.

The Bronx Zoo

Head north to the Bronx to see over 6,000 species near one of the most urban areas in the continent. A great way to connect with some wildlife that might be absent in your daily urban life, The Bronx Zoo is near and dear to this blogger’s heart. Tip: Wednesdays are “pay what you wish” days so I would recommend taking a mid week trip!

Chelsea Piers Field House

Rainy day? Never fear, the Piers are here. 80,000 square feet of fun includes foam pits, trampolines, rock climbing, a golf driving range, and other fun activities!

Comedy Cellar

Ever catch a minute or two of Louis C.K.’s tv show? You are likely to have seen him performing stand up or talking to someone outside of the Comedy Cellar in Greenwich Village. This place has been frequented by some of the funniest people in the business like Louis, Jerry Seinfeld, Judd Apatow, etc.

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Adventures in NYC

Looking for adventure but don’t want to venture outside of the city limits? Never fear our friends at GearPatrol have put together a great Adventure Guide right in the five boroughs. Scroll below for a wide variety of locations and activities, some you might be surprised about finding in the greater NYC area.Kayak-Polo-Gear-Patrol

Velodrome Racing in Queens

Velodromes are where pro cyclists go to race and where newbies can test their metal (and legs) trying to peddle as fast as they can. Only 30 are still open to public in the country today, so New Yorkers can rejoice in the chance to participate in something so rare. The track itself is a little bumpy but it is taken as an added challenge. Check out the weekly twilight races if you think you can keep up!

Surf Rockaway Beach

From the A train you can ride about 2 hours to the shore of Queens. Beaches are clean and waves are steady (bigger in the winter) but there is plenty of space in the water to hang ten. After the session, surfers can head to any type of restaurant nearby and indulge.

Ride the Red Hook Crit

Race through Brooklyn on a fixed gear cycle in the Championship Series. Other stops in the series include London, Barcelona and Milan. It’s bound to attract some world class athletes (including you!).

Skate Pier 62

Seeing a picture of Pier 62 is like looking at any skate park in southern California, but this is NYC. There are zones for all skill level and wheeled sport. It boasts a creative layout that an advanced skater can have fun with while also offering an ollie box for the beginners.

Climb Brooklyn Boulders

An indoor climbing gym provides bouldering and belayed climbing up to your preference. It will leave you feeling like you just reached the summit of a great peak in the wilderness, all in the middle of the city.

Play Kayak Polo

Thats right. Not quite polo, not quite water polo. Paddle around in an indoor pool and smack a ball with your paddle adding a fun twist to an already challenge pair of sports.

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Best Bar Names In NYC

A name can make or break a bar in the greatest city in the world. NYC streets are packed with bars and restaurants, many of which look the same to the untrained eye on the sidewalk. A great name can help you stand out and pull patrons in the door. The Siegel+Gale branding team took a look at NYC’s bar names and put together a list of the best names they could find. What to look for in a bar name? “Be different, but not cheesy or crazy”,”Don’t take yourself too seriously” says naming group Director Christian Turner.ottos-shrunken-head

The Double Windsor- Windsor Terrace

Triple meaning bar name= great bar name.

Otto’s Shrunken Head- East Village

Thats a name that grabs attention. Who can walk by a place with a sign like that and not want to see what is inside?

The Stumble Inn- UES

A very New York style pun appeals to the locals and their tendency to stumble upon new places to fix their vices.

PDT (Please Don’t Tell)- East Village

Whenever a tale becomes a secret, humans have to spread the word. It is a strange automatic reaction to spill the beans, exactly what the owners want patrons to do about their bar!

Kettle of Fish- West Village

A name that is made to stick in one’s head.

Therapy- Hell’s Kitchen

Playing on a long used destination that the bar can serve for customers. Therapy offers all sorts of therapy.

Jake’s Dilemma- UWS

Playing on the classic proclamation we have all made the morning after a long night, “I’m never drinking again.”

No Fun – LES

A name that is sarcastic in nature, challenges it’s customers to put it’s name to the test.

Burp Castle- East Village

A name equally hilarious and disgusting, perfect for a bar.

Supercollider- Park Slope

Supercolliders in physics makes amazing things happen. I assume amazing things happen in this bar every time their doors open.

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Mastro’s Steak House on The East Coast

A well known and successful steak house is about to attempt 6a00d83422265a53ef010535e49ae7970bit’s east coast debut in the biggest city in the east, New York. Mastro’s, a chain that started in Scottsdale, Arizona has recently expanded and found success in California. With their next entry into a new market, Mastro’s will have to compete with a number of other, well established institutions like Morton’s, Del Friscos, Bobby Van’s, Shula’s, and many more. Their twelfth link in the chain opened in midtown last November and will add a thirteenth to their portfolio this month in Washington D.C.

Each interior of the restaurant varies in decor from city to city, but the NYC branch has a swanky feel about it. Dark wood stains and a low light-ambiance gives restaurant-goers a feeling of fancy dining, as if out of a movie. Many insist that the tendency for noise in the eatery is on the loud side with music a few decibels too high which cause conversations to turn into small yelling matches.

Mastro’s like many NYC steak houses is not a place for those light in the pockets as most of the selection on the menu can break the bank. Food is delicious but it is charged by selection leaving items like crab cocktail, crab legs, and lobster cocktail all lingering at or over $30 a pop.

Moving to the grassfed meats, prices start over $50 and end somewhere around $150 for a single piece of meat!(8 ounce Japanese wagyu strip) Sides for the main dishes did not disappoint as all of them were perfectly cooked as they should be for starting around $14.

All in all, the experience is worth a night on the town if you have the coin to fit the bill. Not much can top a great dining experience with a well cooked, well cut piece of meat, and of course great company.

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Eat Where The Celebrities Eat

New York City has uncountable characteristics that make it the best city in the world, but lately this writer has been enthralled with the incredible taste that in town chefs bring to the table (pun). If you throw a rock in any direction you are bound to hit an establishment that serves some type of edible medium, so finding the truly amazing eateries is no simple task. While celebrities have made livings making lots of money and being loved by the masses, they also know how to treat themselves to great food. Lets take a look at where some celebrities in NYC go to eat.

Polar Bar owner Ralph Lauren

Polar Bar owner Ralph Lauren

West Village- 28 Seventh Ave, South

Who eats there?
Taylor Swift, Jaime King, Cara Delevingne, Josh Ralph

What to get:
Three tasting menus comprise the food offering. Their top option in popularity is8 courses of clams, ribs, quail, oysters, and black bass.

West Village 10 Downing Street
Cafe Clover

Who eats there?
Leslie Moonves, Sarah Jessica Parker, Common, Dianna Agron

What to get:

An American positioned menu that has a high focus on light, clean entrees. Be sure to try out their cauliflower steak, and quinoa tagliatelle. A testament to their “clean eating” mantra, they cook everything in extra virgin olive oil as a replacement for butter.

Midtown- 1 E 55th Street

Who eats there?
Rihanna, Ivanka Trump, Bryan Lourd, Karlie Kloss, Bradley Cooper

What to get:

Lines are backed up for six weeks in order to get a reservation here. Ralph Lauren opened this American joint which specializes in cheeseburgers, ice cream sundaes, corned beef sandwiches, and of course healthy alternatives.

Flatiron District- 345 Park Ave.

Who eats there?
Natalie Portman, Gwyneth Paltrow

What to get:

Get down on duck as a chicken substitute, and eat wings doused in chili pepper and yuzu to give yourself a deviation from the standard you are used to. You will find 88 seats in the house that has preserved lemons hanging in jars on the wall to salute their west coast roots.

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Cheap Eats | NYC

New York City is not known for its cheap eating. So when an inexpensive place to eat is found, word spreads fast about the deal! Thanks to NY Eater there are plenty more decently priced food eateries that the average person can afford! See the list below.

Banh Mi Saigonsaigon-bakery ari kellen

Pivoting from a jewelry store with a sandwich counter, it then switched focuses as their food caught fire (figuratively) in popularity. What sets them apart from the competition besides their price is the in-shop baked baguettes that house their Vietnamese sandwiches. Traditional snacks from Vietnam are also available for purchase to go along with this inexpensive and hearty meal.

Bennies Thai Cafe

Located near Wall Street, below Fulton Street, this Thai restaurant served up ground pork or chicken salads. These choices are great for some freshness in the summertime, but can also have some heat added to it.

First Oasis

A modern Syrian restaurant that has roots dating back to 1974, Oasis is in Bay Ridge close to the R. If you happen by this delicious joint, try out their Fattoush, a lamb pie called ouzi and their raw kibbeh.

Hornado Ecuatoriana

A great and lively ambiance insight this eatery is surpassed in quality only by its food. A must have when sitting down there is their roast pig, which come with salad and potato patties. You get this enormous platter of meat and deliciousness for around $13, almost equivalent to stealing.


A somewhat well known hidden gem, this Crown Heights Panama cooking joint brings some great food to your table. What to eat when you’re there? Ojalda (fritter), jerk oxtails, curried liver and onions, escovitch fish and spaghetti and meatballs. Why spaghetti and meatballs you ask? Well, every place has at least one italian dish in this area.

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Collapsed Building in NYC East Village

Many around the country have heard about the tragic gas explosion that caused fires, as well as two buildings to collapsed. Many buildings were damaged in the historic East Village neighborhood including the residency of a New York City Mayor, as well as a vintage clothing store from a popular 1985 film called Desperately Seeking Susan. The affected buildings were given landmark status in October of 2012, along with an umbrella coverage of the East Village and Lower East Side Historic District.east-village-building-collapse-1-3262015_lg

The buildings within the neighborhood can be dated back to the mid 1850’s when New Yorkers with more money were selling property downtown to move up town. The ensuing properties were then turned into tenant living quarters. The community has seen a vast array of cultures and ethnicities. Immigrants began to pour into the city limits and the East Village in particular during the late 1800’s. I was considered for a time to be “Little Germany”.

The site of the explosion once had a house belonging to Mayor Fernando Wood. In a New York Times article there was a collection of musicians in front of the plot “serenading” near the mayor’s residence, this occurring in 1855.

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NYC Half Marathon Winners

This past weekend hundreds of runners lined up at the starting line in Central Park to embark on the 13.1 mile journey that is the New York City half Marathon. From amateur runners to professionals, the streets were packed with those intent on crossing the finish line, whether it be sprinting across, or crawling. In the men’s division, a dramatic finish concluded the race as two men, Leonard Korir, and Stephen Sambu sprinted towards the tape.

The two are countrymen, residing in Kenya, and training together all year. Korir out-edged his friend Sambu by oneStephen+Sambu+2015+United+Airlines+NYC+Half+lbrFt6Wd86ml second to finish in 1 hour 1 minute and 6 seconds. Korir’s sprint proved to be enough as he caught the longtime leader of the race in the final seconds. A little known runner, Korir was not featured as one of the projected front pack leaders in the pre-race biographies. He embraced the anonymity on his final stretch as he sprinted as fast as possible to earn the number 1 finished.

In the womens division, a Providence, Rhode Island resident became the first American woman to win the NYC half marathon in it’s decade long existence. Molly Huddle finished the 13.1 mile trek in 1:08:31 finishing 11 seconds ahead of second place. When asked whether or not winning the race was her goal from the beginning Huddled noted she was purely trying to run the best time she could. The outcome of her winter training was enough to put her in a position to win towards the end of the race, and that was when he goals changed from completing the race as fast as possible to winning.

When questioned about their intentions to run the NYC Marathon the two winners had different answers for the NY Times. While the male winner, Korir stated he would not be training or participating in the Marathon, Huddle was not as decisive. We may be seeing the half marathon winner attempt the sweep of the city in the full marathon later this year! Stay tuned to find out if she will run.

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Top NYC Twitter Accounts

Living in the city and looking for the latest news on the place you call home? Maybe you are looking for a laugh or just intellectual stimulation. If you find yourself asking any of these questions and own a Twitter account, you are in luck because below there are some of the best New York City specific Twitter accounts that you can follow. Do not believe me? See for yourself.

New York Times with a twist. This parody is aimed toward a younger crowd with some poking of fun.

Once upon a time in 2009 a cobra escaped from the Bronx Zoo. Worried about where he is? Do not worry, he is on Twitter

Looking for the best and worst eats? This guy will tell you. The Times’ has him on their pay sheet as a restaurant critic.

Find out what all the tourists who visit our city really think of it.

Witty street artist fancies himself the cooler version of Banksy, and I agree. This guy is known for putting Tom Hanks heads on Banksy works.

Get the updates while you are waiting for the MTA to make you late for work.

Comedy writer for Saturday Night Live, The Onion, and Funny or Die. It is safe to say he might be able to make you laugh.

Anthony captures some of the best pictures you will see of NYC. Well worth a follow, at the very least a scroll through his work.

You already know why.

Really funny and insightful, this guy is one of a kind. Its me. I am Ari Kellen.