A name can make or break a bar in the greatest city in the world. NYC streets are packed with bars and restaurants, many of which look the same to the untrained eye on the sidewalk. A great name can help you stand out and pull patrons in the door. The Siegel+Gale branding team took a look at NYC’s bar names and put together a list of the best names they could find. What to look for in a bar name? “Be different, but not cheesy or crazy”,”Don’t take yourself too seriously” says naming group Director Christian Turner.ottos-shrunken-head

The Double Windsor- Windsor Terrace

Triple meaning bar name= great bar name.

Otto’s Shrunken Head- East Village

Thats a name that grabs attention. Who can walk by a place with a sign like that and not want to see what is inside?

The Stumble Inn- UES

A very New York style pun appeals to the locals and their tendency to stumble upon new places to fix their vices.

PDT (Please Don’t Tell)- East Village

Whenever a tale becomes a secret, humans have to spread the word. It is a strange automatic reaction to spill the beans, exactly what the owners want patrons to do about their bar!

Kettle of Fish- West Village

A name that is made to stick in one’s head.

Therapy- Hell’s Kitchen

Playing on a long used destination that the bar can serve for customers. Therapy offers all sorts of therapy.

Jake’s Dilemma- UWS

Playing on the classic proclamation we have all made the morning after a long night, “I’m never drinking again.”

No Fun – LES

A name that is sarcastic in nature, challenges it’s customers to put it’s name to the test.

Burp Castle- East Village

A name equally hilarious and disgusting, perfect for a bar.

Supercollider- Park Slope

Supercolliders in physics makes amazing things happen. I assume amazing things happen in this bar every time their doors open.

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