NYC's Top Grilled Cheese by Ari KellenGrilled cheese is one of those brilliantly simple dishes: there are only two ingredients, yet it’s astoundingly satisfying.  While grilled cheese is a great dish on its own, there are a few tweaks here and there that can really bring a grilled cheese to the next level.  I recently came across an article that shared where you can find New York’s best grilled cheese, listed below:

Bobwhite Lunch and Supper Counter: Amanda Beame, who previously cut her teeth at Blue Smoke, started Bobwhite as a way to dish out sustainable Southern classics.  Her grilled cheese takes Hudson Valley collard greens and puts it into a house-made red-pepper pimento on Orwasher’s sourdough.

Gorilla Cheese NYC: There are seven different versions of grilled cheese available from his roving truck, with a choice of bread and cheese.  Each sandwich goes through an electric press to give it a crisp brown crust, and features dipping sauces ranging from honey Dijon to sweet Thai chili.

Earl’s Beer and Cheese: Cheap beers go great with grilled cheese here.  The thing to get is the NY State Cheddar, which features braised pork belly, a fried egg and kimchi.

Little Muenster: The brainchild of a husband-wife duo: slices of white cheddar or American cheese between thick-cut, local pullman bread coated in a secret cooking spread and finished on a flattop grill.

The Queens Kickshaw: Chunks of mozzarella add texture in-between brioche buns.  The sandwich comes with either cool gazpacho in the summer or hot tomato soup in the winter.

Morris Sandwich Shop: Originally a truck, this has since found a brick and mortar location that offers New York State cheddar and New Hampshire Landaff.

Melt Shop: With various locations across the city, you’ll always be sure to find a fine combo of melted American cheese over white bread.

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese: Legendary Seattle cheesemaker Beecher’s operates this complex, where you can watch cheese being made in giant vats before being sold at local markets.  The flagship grilled cheese is what you want to order.

Meltkraft: Partnered with Valley Shepherd Creamery in New Jersey, this place makes a three-cheese grilled cheese with aged cheddar.  They offer various fun combinations, such as brisket and macaroni or raclette with jalapeños and pickled tomatoes.

Murray’s Cheese Bar: If you call yourself a cheese shop, you better have some good cheese, and Murray’s certainly delivers.  The namesake sandwiches here are a secret blend of three curds on a pan-baked pullman loaf.