The blizzard has come and gone in New York City and it has left most residents with an overwhelming feeling of being underwhelmed. What was being preached as the storm of the century, or “the worst in New York’s history” has turned out to be an unimpressive 6 inches of powder.JUNO

While the snowfall totals are lackluster, the city folks sure were not when it came to enjoying a day off, and a day of fun in the powdery white stuff that turns us all into children. Sledding, snowball fights, snowmen, even skiing and snowboarding were practiced as the precipitation fell. If one were to take a walk through Williamsburg Brooklyn you would have seen snowboarders jumping over cars, doing tricks and laughing as if they were at the terrain park on a Vermont mountain.

So what impact did Juno have other than selling out gas stations and grocery stores in the hours leading up to it? It gave all New York and New England a day of reflection, to remember the times that were much simpler in our lives and to spend a day away from the hustle of the city and enjoy the outdoors with our families.

Thank you Juno for being a constant reminder to for us to stay young at heart, and not to pay too much attention to the weather forecast. After all, remember all those barbeques that were ruined by a rouge rainstorm that passed under the radar of our local meteorologist? Juno served as a good test run in case the “big one” ever does come our way, or if the next ice age comes all at once. For this New Yorker, I enjoyed the day of relaxation across the city, and the comradely that is sometimes lost in this busy town. Until next snow storm, its back to the pavement for this city.