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Eat Where The Celebrities Eat

New York City has uncountable characteristics that make it the best city in the world, but lately this writer has been enthralled with the incredible taste that in town chefs bring to the table (pun). If you throw a rock in any direction you are bound to hit an establishment that serves some type of edible medium, so finding the truly amazing eateries is no simple task. While celebrities have made livings making lots of money and being loved by the masses, they also know how to treat themselves to great food. Lets take a look at where some celebrities in NYC go to eat.

Polar Bar owner Ralph Lauren

Polar Bar owner Ralph Lauren

West Village- 28 Seventh Ave, South

Who eats there?
Taylor Swift, Jaime King, Cara Delevingne, Josh Ralph

What to get:
Three tasting menus comprise the food offering. Their top option in popularity is8 courses of clams, ribs, quail, oysters, and black bass.

West Village 10 Downing Street
Cafe Clover

Who eats there?
Leslie Moonves, Sarah Jessica Parker, Common, Dianna Agron

What to get:

An American positioned menu that has a high focus on light, clean entrees. Be sure to try out their cauliflower steak, and quinoa tagliatelle. A testament to their “clean eating” mantra, they cook everything in extra virgin olive oil as a replacement for butter.

Midtown- 1 E 55th Street

Who eats there?
Rihanna, Ivanka Trump, Bryan Lourd, Karlie Kloss, Bradley Cooper

What to get:

Lines are backed up for six weeks in order to get a reservation here. Ralph Lauren opened this American joint which specializes in cheeseburgers, ice cream sundaes, corned beef sandwiches, and of course healthy alternatives.

Flatiron District- 345 Park Ave.

Who eats there?
Natalie Portman, Gwyneth Paltrow

What to get:

Get down on duck as a chicken substitute, and eat wings doused in chili pepper and yuzu to give yourself a deviation from the standard you are used to. You will find 88 seats in the house that has preserved lemons hanging in jars on the wall to salute their west coast roots.

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Celebrities Pour Into NYC

Celebrities converged on New York City this weekend as there were many events taking place across the five boroughs. It was the NBA’s All-Star weekend the past three days as tributes to the game’s greats popped up all over the city. From the celebrity game to the skills competition NBA Stars took part in the festivities with smiles. Coinciding with fashion week in New York, the NBA put on its own fashion show with some of the games best current players at the center of the runway. Players could also be seen supporting their sponsors stores across town, driving a frenzy into the retailers’ spacesLeBron+James+Celebrity+Sightings+New+York+xrpOZa3t2sul.

Also this weekend was the SNL40 reunion, celebrating the 40 years that Saturday Night Live has been on the air. Comedic, musical, and acting royalty were seen flying into town in preparation for the big night. Names such as Paul McCartney, Kanye West, Kevin Hart, Paul Simon, Derek Jeter, Peyton Manning, and Justin Timberlake among others graced the stage at studio 8h.

Of most celebrities that were present in the city limits over the weekend, Kanye West seemed to be the most active throughout the festivities. On Thursday night Kanye released his clothing line, looking similar to the Dereliqued campaign from Zoolander. Along with the clothing line, a major shoe release took place as well. Limiting his first 1,500 pair of Yeezy Boosts to the New York city faithful, Kanye opened reservation on Thursday night to those who wanted to grab hold of the big sneakers. He later held a free concert in the Flatiron District for all the faithful who wished to brave the cold. Come Saturday Kanye was seen handing out sneakers to his fans at the Adidas store in Soho. Sunday Mr. West was present in the audience for SNL40 where he also performed.

Yes there were many famous faces to be seen in the city this weekend, far more than usual. Now that the holiday break is winding down many will leave to go back to their home cities, but you never know who will pop up in NYC when you are walking down the street so keep your head up when in the mecca.