Visiting Coney Island this winter by ari kellenWhen people think about visiting Coney Island, they typically think of coming out on a warm summer day, to soak up some sun and ride on the rides.  They don’t often think of visiting in the winter.  True, you can’t really go to the beach (unless it’s the polar plunge!) or ride on the ferris wheel, but visiting on the off-season offers a unique perspective on New York’s history.  It’s the perfect day trip for New Yorkers who want peace and quiet away from the typical New York bustle.  I recently read an article about things to do in Coney Island this winter, and although it’s a year-old article, it has a lot of great things you can do:

New York Aquarium: The New York Aquarium in Coney Island has great exhibits and fish-feeding shows year-round.  It’s great for both dates and just good old-fashioned family fun.  There are all sorts of sea creatures in both indoor and outdoor exhibits.

Stroll the boardwalk: It might be cold, but the famous Coney Island boardwalk offers stellar views of the Atlantic Ocean on one side, and the amusement parks of Coney Island on the other.  I’d recommend walking down the boardwalk to one of the Russian restaurants in Brighton Beach for a bowl of borscht.  

Eat at Nathan’s: You can find Nathan hot dogs across the country.  But if you want to know what made them so famous, you have to visit their original hot dog stand on Coney Island.  And they taste much better here than anywhere else.

Visit Totonno’s: If you’d prefer pizza over hot dogs, you can visit the Coney Island institution Totonno’s, considered to be one of New York City’s very best pizza spots.  A thin crust and fresh sauce made on the premises ensures that you get an A+ pizza every time, and Totonno’s remains a no-frills joint that just happens to serve amazing pizza.

Visit the Coney Island Museum: For a long time, Coney Island was New York City’s playground, a wildly popular and bustling spot.  The Coney Island Museum pays homage to this legacy, and the entrance fee is just 99 cents!  This admission offers you free admission into the zany side of Coney Island’s early days, with circuses and sideshows.  Check the website, and you might just be able to catch a special exhibit.