Green Living in NYC by Ari KellenContrary to popular belief, New York is hardly the antithesis of eco-friendly living (that honor goes to Los Angeles).  More than half of the city’s residents don’t own cars, reducing fuel emissions.  Even if you don’t want a lifestyle of veganism and coconut oil deodorant, it’s still a good idea to be more aware of your personal impact on the environment.  Here are seven easy tips New Yorkers can use to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, based off an article I found online:

Recycle: Even if you don’t live in a “green” apartment building, New York Department of Sanitation still requires residents to recycle their waste.  For many, this simply means tossing your mixed papers and plastics into a communal bin, so there really isn’t any excuse to be lazy about recycling.

Use a glass or BPA-free bottle: Rather than spend money on bottled water, get a glass or BPA-free water bottle and fill it up with tap water throughout the day.  If people stopped using plastic bottles, it would make a huge impact on the environment.

Rethink Seamless: New Yorkers love their takeout and delivery, but takeout containers are a hindrance on eco-friendly living.  New Yorkers won’t stop ordering in delivery, but they can be smarter with their to go choices.  Reuse plastic containers for make-ahead meals to store leftovers.  Before paying on Seamless, check the box that says “no plastic utensils or napkins”, and use your own silverware and napkins.

Bring your own bag: Plastic shopping bags are wasteful, so bring a large canvas or jute tote when you go grocery shopping.  Not only are they stronger than plastic bags, but Whole Foods takes up to ten cents off your grocery bill when you bring your own bag.

Frequent eco-friendly places: New York has taken sustainable, eco-friendly dining and shopping and made it chic.  Shop at green boutiques and eat at environmentally conscious restaurants.  

Support local brands: Importing goods is not only expensive, but also leaves a huge carbon footprint.  You’ll find plenty of quality food produced in New York or nearby.