New York City is not known for its cheap eating. So when an inexpensive place to eat is found, word spreads fast about the deal! Thanks to NY Eater there are plenty more decently priced food eateries that the average person can afford! See the list below.

Banh Mi Saigonsaigon-bakery ari kellen

Pivoting from a jewelry store with a sandwich counter, it then switched focuses as their food caught fire (figuratively) in popularity. What sets them apart from the competition besides their price is the in-shop baked baguettes that house their Vietnamese sandwiches. Traditional snacks from Vietnam are also available for purchase to go along with this inexpensive and hearty meal.

Bennies Thai Cafe

Located near Wall Street, below Fulton Street, this Thai restaurant served up ground pork or chicken salads. These choices are great for some freshness in the summertime, but can also have some heat added to it.

First Oasis

A modern Syrian restaurant that has roots dating back to 1974, Oasis is in Bay Ridge close to the R. If you happen by this delicious joint, try out their Fattoush, a lamb pie called ouzi and their raw kibbeh.

Hornado Ecuatoriana

A great and lively ambiance insight this eatery is surpassed in quality only by its food. A must have when sitting down there is their roast pig, which come with salad and potato patties. You get this enormous platter of meat and deliciousness for around $13, almost equivalent to stealing.


A somewhat well known hidden gem, this Crown Heights Panama cooking joint brings some great food to your table. What to eat when you’re there? Ojalda (fritter), jerk oxtails, curried liver and onions, escovitch fish and spaghetti and meatballs. Why spaghetti and meatballs you ask? Well, every place has at least one italian dish in this area.

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