New York's Harry pasta by ari kellenWhat’s there not to love about Harry Potter?  A story about friendship, the triumph of good over evil, and of course a healthy dose of magic.  It’s one of the most influential book series of the past 20 years, with a fanbase as loyal as it is large.  And as the kids who grew up reading Harry Potter are now young adults with spending money living in major cities, a fast-casual Harry Potter-themed pasta restaurant has opened up in Williamsburg, called “Pasta Wiz”.  This conveniently comes 20 years since the first Harry Potter book was released.

The restaurant is decorated in a Harry Potter theme, with the “magic” coming from the pasta being made “so fast, and so good”.  The owner, Alex Dimitrov, has been trying to open a restaurant in the space for nearly six years.  Locals were scared that Dimitrov would build something similar to Mehanata, his Lower East Side club described as a “Balkan disco dive bar extravaganza”.  And yes, Mehanata is a great time, but nobody wants to live in a neighborhood where there’s a club like that.  Every time Dimitrov tried to get a liquor license, he faced opposition; when he said he was trying to open a pasta place, nobody believed him.  Yet he’s finally been able to bring both Spaghetti and Slytherins to the neighborhood.  

The restaurant is decked out with Hogwarts-esque chandeliers, a baby grand piano, candles and even a Sorting Hat.  And the speed is the best part: the restaurant promises that dishes will arrive between three and five minutes.  Like many other fast-casual restaurants where you order off the tablet and pick it up at the counter, there isn’t any table service.  In addition to tested and approved combos, there’s a mix-and-match DIY method, with various sauces and toppings you can add.  
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