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Adventures in NYC

Looking for adventure but don’t want to venture outside of the city limits? Never fear our friends at GearPatrol have put together a great Adventure Guide right in the five boroughs. Scroll below for a wide variety of locations and activities, some you might be surprised about finding in the greater NYC area.Kayak-Polo-Gear-Patrol

Velodrome Racing in Queens

Velodromes are where pro cyclists go to race and where newbies can test their metal (and legs) trying to peddle as fast as they can. Only 30 are still open to public in the country today, so New Yorkers can rejoice in the chance to participate in something so rare. The track itself is a little bumpy but it is taken as an added challenge. Check out the weekly twilight races if you think you can keep up!

Surf Rockaway Beach

From the A train you can ride about 2 hours to the shore of Queens. Beaches are clean and waves are steady (bigger in the winter) but there is plenty of space in the water to hang ten. After the session, surfers can head to any type of restaurant nearby and indulge.

Ride the Red Hook Crit

Race through Brooklyn on a fixed gear cycle in the Championship Series. Other stops in the series include London, Barcelona and Milan. It’s bound to attract some world class athletes (including you!).

Skate Pier 62

Seeing a picture of Pier 62 is like looking at any skate park in southern California, but this is NYC. There are zones for all skill level and wheeled sport. It boasts a creative layout that an advanced skater can have fun with while also offering an ollie box for the beginners.

Climb Brooklyn Boulders

An indoor climbing gym provides bouldering and belayed climbing up to your preference. It will leave you feeling like you just reached the summit of a great peak in the wilderness, all in the middle of the city.

Play Kayak Polo

Thats right. Not quite polo, not quite water polo. Paddle around in an indoor pool and smack a ball with your paddle adding a fun twist to an already challenge pair of sports.

To read the full list of adventures possible in the city, click here.


Hidden Gems of NYC – Restaurant Style

Mulberry ProjectNew York is home to millions of restaurants situated between bright lights and skyscrapers, under bridges and near famous landmarks, but there are also those restaurants that not many people know about. They are the hidden gems that offer an escape from the big city life that comes to us when we think of New York. These hidden restaurants are usually deceiving from their outer-appearances, which are sometimes just doors with no sign, or even down small, uninviting alley ways you wouldn’t normally think to approach.  Sound enticing? Well, here’s a list of some of New York City’s hidden restaurants that’ll astonish you (if you can find them):


First comes Freemans, located between Bowery and Chrystie right off of Rivington Street.  Here, you’ll find a sign for “Freeman Alley,” which at first glance looks a bit deserted.  But, at the end of this alley way you’ll find this cozy American-style restaurant, interiorly decorated like an old hunting lodge.  While the taxidermy on the walls may be somewhat intimidating to hear about, don’t be scared – it goes with the whole environment of the restaurant (whose food, by the way, is sure to make you drool).

The next hidden restaurant that should be on your list to find is Bohemian, which is arguably the most coveted restaurant to find in all of New York City.  Located on Great Jones Street in NoHo, this restaurant is kept tightly hidden behind a Japanese butcher shop.  But once you find it, you’ll feel you’ve discovered buried treasure, with a $55 dollar six-course tasting menu, the Japanese cuisine that Bohemian is known for is truly out of this world.

Another Japanese restaurant on this list of hidden gems is Sakagura, which serves authentic Tokyo-inspired meals, including soba noodles (handmade) and artistically displayed salmon roe.  Sakagura is located on 211 E 43rd Street underneath an office building, where you’ll definitely be seeing some high-class business folk.

Last on this list is Mulberry Project, located at 149 Mulberry Street in Little Italy, well-equipped with an invigorating list of mixed drinks.  You may second guess the location of Mulberry Project, as it is situated beneath a small souvenir shop for those touring through Little Italy.  But don’t be shy, because once you’ve had their signature Project Burger, you’ll think of every souvenir shop you pass in a whole different demeanor.

If this list just isn’t enough to fulfill your quest to find delicious, hidden restaurants in New York City, check out Guest of a Guest’s reveal of ten secret restaurants in New York City.  Bon appetite (and bon chance)!