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Eat Where The Celebrities Eat

New York City has uncountable characteristics that make it the best city in the world, but lately this writer has been enthralled with the incredible taste that in town chefs bring to the table (pun). If you throw a rock in any direction you are bound to hit an establishment that serves some type of edible medium, so finding the truly amazing eateries is no simple task. While celebrities have made livings making lots of money and being loved by the masses, they also know how to treat themselves to great food. Lets take a look at where some celebrities in NYC go to eat.

Polar Bar owner Ralph Lauren

Polar Bar owner Ralph Lauren

West Village- 28 Seventh Ave, South

Who eats there?
Taylor Swift, Jaime King, Cara Delevingne, Josh Ralph

What to get:
Three tasting menus comprise the food offering. Their top option in popularity is8 courses of clams, ribs, quail, oysters, and black bass.

West Village 10 Downing Street
Cafe Clover

Who eats there?
Leslie Moonves, Sarah Jessica Parker, Common, Dianna Agron

What to get:

An American positioned menu that has a high focus on light, clean entrees. Be sure to try out their cauliflower steak, and quinoa tagliatelle. A testament to their “clean eating” mantra, they cook everything in extra virgin olive oil as a replacement for butter.

Midtown- 1 E 55th Street

Who eats there?
Rihanna, Ivanka Trump, Bryan Lourd, Karlie Kloss, Bradley Cooper

What to get:

Lines are backed up for six weeks in order to get a reservation here. Ralph Lauren opened this American joint which specializes in cheeseburgers, ice cream sundaes, corned beef sandwiches, and of course healthy alternatives.

Flatiron District- 345 Park Ave.

Who eats there?
Natalie Portman, Gwyneth Paltrow

What to get:

Get down on duck as a chicken substitute, and eat wings doused in chili pepper and yuzu to give yourself a deviation from the standard you are used to. You will find 88 seats in the house that has preserved lemons hanging in jars on the wall to salute their west coast roots.

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Cheap Eats | NYC

New York City is not known for its cheap eating. So when an inexpensive place to eat is found, word spreads fast about the deal! Thanks to NY Eater there are plenty more decently priced food eateries that the average person can afford! See the list below.

Banh Mi Saigonsaigon-bakery ari kellen

Pivoting from a jewelry store with a sandwich counter, it then switched focuses as their food caught fire (figuratively) in popularity. What sets them apart from the competition besides their price is the in-shop baked baguettes that house their Vietnamese sandwiches. Traditional snacks from Vietnam are also available for purchase to go along with this inexpensive and hearty meal.

Bennies Thai Cafe

Located near Wall Street, below Fulton Street, this Thai restaurant served up ground pork or chicken salads. These choices are great for some freshness in the summertime, but can also have some heat added to it.

First Oasis

A modern Syrian restaurant that has roots dating back to 1974, Oasis is in Bay Ridge close to the R. If you happen by this delicious joint, try out their Fattoush, a lamb pie called ouzi and their raw kibbeh.

Hornado Ecuatoriana

A great and lively ambiance insight this eatery is surpassed in quality only by its food. A must have when sitting down there is their roast pig, which come with salad and potato patties. You get this enormous platter of meat and deliciousness for around $13, almost equivalent to stealing.


A somewhat well known hidden gem, this Crown Heights Panama cooking joint brings some great food to your table. What to eat when you’re there? Ojalda (fritter), jerk oxtails, curried liver and onions, escovitch fish and spaghetti and meatballs. Why spaghetti and meatballs you ask? Well, every place has at least one italian dish in this area.

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Hidden Gems of NYC – Restaurant Style

Mulberry ProjectNew York is home to millions of restaurants situated between bright lights and skyscrapers, under bridges and near famous landmarks, but there are also those restaurants that not many people know about. They are the hidden gems that offer an escape from the big city life that comes to us when we think of New York. These hidden restaurants are usually deceiving from their outer-appearances, which are sometimes just doors with no sign, or even down small, uninviting alley ways you wouldn’t normally think to approach.  Sound enticing? Well, here’s a list of some of New York City’s hidden restaurants that’ll astonish you (if you can find them):


First comes Freemans, located between Bowery and Chrystie right off of Rivington Street.  Here, you’ll find a sign for “Freeman Alley,” which at first glance looks a bit deserted.  But, at the end of this alley way you’ll find this cozy American-style restaurant, interiorly decorated like an old hunting lodge.  While the taxidermy on the walls may be somewhat intimidating to hear about, don’t be scared – it goes with the whole environment of the restaurant (whose food, by the way, is sure to make you drool).

The next hidden restaurant that should be on your list to find is Bohemian, which is arguably the most coveted restaurant to find in all of New York City.  Located on Great Jones Street in NoHo, this restaurant is kept tightly hidden behind a Japanese butcher shop.  But once you find it, you’ll feel you’ve discovered buried treasure, with a $55 dollar six-course tasting menu, the Japanese cuisine that Bohemian is known for is truly out of this world.

Another Japanese restaurant on this list of hidden gems is Sakagura, which serves authentic Tokyo-inspired meals, including soba noodles (handmade) and artistically displayed salmon roe.  Sakagura is located on 211 E 43rd Street underneath an office building, where you’ll definitely be seeing some high-class business folk.

Last on this list is Mulberry Project, located at 149 Mulberry Street in Little Italy, well-equipped with an invigorating list of mixed drinks.  You may second guess the location of Mulberry Project, as it is situated beneath a small souvenir shop for those touring through Little Italy.  But don’t be shy, because once you’ve had their signature Project Burger, you’ll think of every souvenir shop you pass in a whole different demeanor.

If this list just isn’t enough to fulfill your quest to find delicious, hidden restaurants in New York City, check out Guest of a Guest’s reveal of ten secret restaurants in New York City.  Bon appetite (and bon chance)!