This past weekend hundreds of runners lined up at the starting line in Central Park to embark on the 13.1 mile journey that is the New York City half Marathon. From amateur runners to professionals, the streets were packed with those intent on crossing the finish line, whether it be sprinting across, or crawling. In the men’s division, a dramatic finish concluded the race as two men, Leonard Korir, and Stephen Sambu sprinted towards the tape.

The two are countrymen, residing in Kenya, and training together all year. Korir out-edged his friend Sambu by oneStephen+Sambu+2015+United+Airlines+NYC+Half+lbrFt6Wd86ml second to finish in 1 hour 1 minute and 6 seconds. Korir’s sprint proved to be enough as he caught the longtime leader of the race in the final seconds. A little known runner, Korir was not featured as one of the projected front pack leaders in the pre-race biographies. He embraced the anonymity on his final stretch as he sprinted as fast as possible to earn the number 1 finished.

In the womens division, a Providence, Rhode Island resident became the first American woman to win the NYC half marathon in it’s decade long existence. Molly Huddle finished the 13.1 mile trek in 1:08:31 finishing 11 seconds ahead of second place. When asked whether or not winning the race was her goal from the beginning Huddled noted she was purely trying to run the best time she could. The outcome of her winter training was enough to put her in a position to win towards the end of the race, and that was when he goals changed from completing the race as fast as possible to winning.

When questioned about their intentions to run the NYC Marathon the two winners had different answers for the NY Times. While the male winner, Korir stated he would not be training or participating in the Marathon, Huddle was not as decisive. We may be seeing the half marathon winner attempt the sweep of the city in the full marathon later this year! Stay tuned to find out if she will run.

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