Everyone enjoys a good meal and something to drink. In the capital of what some would consider the greatest food city in the United States, you have more choice in the Big Apple than most. But what if you wanted something a little different from your average restaurant? What if you were looking for a piece of adventure with your meal? Below are some of the best places to get a drink that are hidden from the public eye. So the next time you’re in New York, look up one of these locations and you’ll surely enjoy yourself.

Lantern’s Keep: Dating back to the turn of the century, the Lantern’s Keep is the place to be for those looking to dive into times past. Tucked in the heart of the Iroquois hotel, this quaint cocktail bar is known to only the initiated. A small lantern on the facade of the building is all that marks its, and when the lantern is burning the bar is open. With over 40 unique cocktails designed for the discerning businessmen or businesswoman, anyone looking for a calm night on the town should surely follow the lantern.

No Name Bar: In keeping with its namesake, the No Name Bar is well-hidden behind a wall of burnt-wood. Nothing, not a sign nor a signal, denotes the location of this mysterious bar. If you’re looking for a drink, first you must find the door knocker in the shape of a dragon, and push. Inside you’ll be greeted by a thin, almost traincar like appearance. Small benches and tables line the walls of one of the few bars left in NYC to remain open until 4 am.

Sakagura: In the basement of a seemingly ordinary Midtown office building, Sakagura is waiting for you to come find it. Stepping into this bar willAri Kellen feel like going back into a Japanese village. The main body of the bar is meant to feel like you are sitting outside in an ancient Japanese village. Traditional food and drinks echoing the taste of the Edo period are available for any weary traveler looking to hang up their sword and relax.