Rarely do I talk about the latest news outside of fun things to do in New York City, but this story is worth covering. The nearly-century long project of constructing the 2nd avenue subway is actually coming together and is set to be completed by December of 2016. The subway system has become a bit of a punch line over the years, being compared to things that will never happen. The line is expected to see traffic ranging up to 200,000 people per day. For reference, that is about the same amount as the entire subway traffic of Los Angeles.

Two miles worth of track have been laid, along with three enormous stations to bring the project up to 85% completion. With engineering crews eyeing the final 15%, they are saying this is the most challenging portion to complete. This final stretch will be troublesome due to the coupling of a brand new line to one that is nearly 100 years old.

Despite its century long delay, this project is unlike other cities’ engineering blunders like the Big Dig and the New Bay Bridge. This project is expected to come in under its budget, albeit a little late.

Currently, the East Side of NY has about 650,000 inhabitants which equates to the population of San Francisco, Chicago, and Boston combined, has only one subway line. The 4,5,6. Those working on the newest line are excited to be able to help leave their mark on NYC and help some of those half million people commute in a bit more comfort.

This section of the subway line is only phase 1 of the project. Extending from 96-63 will be completed on time with Phase 2 reaching from 125th to 96th, phase 3 from 63rd to Houston, and phase 4 from Houston to Hanover.

It surely is exciting to see the MTA extending their lines. This is the largest extension in nearly a half century!

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