New York is a city defined by its personality. Bustling streets are filled with people, each going about their busy lives amidst towering skyscrapers. Whether your New York is the beautiful parks, busy sidewalks or shouting hot-dog vendors, images are immediately conjured when thinking of The Big Apple. Among these images, a sea of yellow cabs is easily among the most common that leaps to mind. However, a company has single handedly started to shift that fact. Uber, an innovative transportation service, has loosened the grip yellow cabs have had on the roads for decades. But Uber has more in-store for the people of New York.

Ari KellenDubbed “UberRush,” this new service is looking to add yet another benefit to Uber’s ever-growing list of benefits. An on-demand delivery service, UberRush is being launched across the United States in all major cities for testing. Chicago, San Francisco and New York will each have access to UberRush, and the ability to order anything within their city and have it delivered same-day. Branching out to even more forms of transportation, bike messengers and hand-delivered packages will also be included in UberRush’s services.

Unlike similar services that deliver from select stores, UberRush is capable of fitting into any merchants’ business models. Opening a world of delivery for companies that otherwise would never have access, the ability to deliver products is beneficial for both business and consumer. Partnered with Shopify, e-commerce software has been developed that analyzes an order, and will list whether or not UberRush can deliver the package before the transaction is even completed.

As Uber made splashes in the transportation industry, so too will they impact the on-demand delivery business. Proving that they have the determination and drive to introduce real change where before none could be seen, what will this mean for New Yorkers? Will the days of yellow cabs and bike messengers be replaced with the Uber logo?